Always use lotion!

A good tanning lotion can triple your tanning results! Tanning lotion will protect your skin from aging, hydrate your skin for a longer lasting tan & increase your tanning results through accelerators & bronzers!

Wait 4-6 hours before showering!

The melanin in your skin needs time to become fully stimulated. Your tanning lotion also needs time to maximize effects.

Stay Moisturized!

Lotion up head to toe @ least once a day! Hydrating your skin will extend the life of your tan & simultaneously protect your skin from harsher aging!

Exfoliate once a week!

Exfoliating is a necessity to remove dead skin & create a smooth layer for efficient tanning! Too much exfoliating will make it hard to achieve a deep tan, keep it to once a week!

Rotate Tanning Beds!

Using the same tanning bed repeatedly will cause your tan to plateau. Your skin needs exposure to different UV ratios in order to experience it's maximum tan. Switch it up!